The Daisy Reality Show returns: the Campaign Sign episode

Remember the Daisy Reality Show? The show’s star (Daisy, of course) works with the show’s director and her bumbling assistant to put the whole thing together and show you a piece of real life at the Okay Chorale. Let’s see how the campaign sign effort looks when seen through the eyes of the television cameras.

Daisy: Yeah! One more sign in place.

Director: Turn the sign a little to eliminate the glare. There. That’s better.

Assistant: Campaign signs? Why bother? Do people really pay attention to these?

Daisy: Have a seat. this will take a while.

The state teachers’ association has a four by ten plan. They’re asking each member to invest at the grassroots level. Ten signatures on recall petitions (done), ten dollars donated to campaign (done), ten hours donated (I’m working on that one), and ten voters convinced to vote for Barrett. We’re focusing on those who may be ambivalent and those who lean left but rarely vote. All our contacts and actions are at the grassroots level. See that corner of my garden? Grass roots are tenacious. (Assistant looks quizzical) That means they’re tough. Strong. They hang on tightly and don’t let go.

Director: Fascinating. And this is the plan to go up against the governor’s massive amount of available money? I heard he’s already spent $20 million dollars.

Assistant: How much? Holy foreign bank accounts, Batman, that sounds like a lost cause.

Daisy: It’s not lost – not at all. Much of that money came from out of state donors, people who can’t vote in a Wisconsin election. As for the outrageously high number, look at this. One million citizens signed recall petitions. If each of those people could donate $20, we’d reach Walker’s ridiculously high cash cows. Many of those who signed recall petitions do not have money to spare – many due to Walker’s policies and unrealistic priorities. It’s like me hearing people complain about how teachers are raking in the bucks, but I walk to school in order to save wear and tear on my 1998 minivan. I can’t afford to donate, and I can’t afford not to donate.

Director: How do the signs help?

Daisy: Well, I told you about the four by ten plan. I’ve added another ten to my personal plan. I hope to take responsibility for placing ten campaign signs supporting Barrett for Governor. The specifics of my plan are simple: location, location, location. I’m contacting people who live on busy streets (visibility) and people who are well respected by their neighbors and friends. The second is more important. Undecided voters, of which there are few, might be swayed by knowing that someone they respect plans to vote for Barrett. A sign in a strategic location has more influence than a television commercial, and it’s cheaper, too.

Assistant: Oh. I get it. I think.

Director: Let’s go pick up those signs.You mentioned something about proofreading each sign before displaying it.

Daisy: Soon-to-be-former Governor Walker’s team distributed signs all over the state early on in the campaign. They rushed the signs through production and didn’t pay attention to quality. They spelled “governor” wrong. So think again about sign location and personal respect. Would you, as an undecided voter, follow the lead of someone who can’t spell governor? Or would you follow the lead of someone who is, well I’ll be blunt, more intelligent?

Assistant(taking notes): How do you spell governor?

Daisy and Director groan.


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