Recalling the Recall of 2012: the homemade signs

Oh, children, I think we knew we were making history back then, but we didn’t know just how historic the recall election of 2012 would be. The entire nation was watching Wisconsin to see which faction would scratch its way to a win. Former president Bill Clinton came to Milwaukee to support Tom Barrett, the challenger, and the crowds went wild. The Overpass Light Brigade continued showing their slogans above highways and reminding people to vote. And campaign signs – oh, the campaign signs were everywhere! 

There were rumors of Walker’s minions paying people to display his signs and wear his t-shirts to rallies. Rumors, I tell you; no one ever seemed to have proof. Walker and his folks were nasty enough, but I really hoped they hadn’t sunk that low. I didn’t want to think my neighbors and fellow Wisconsinites would accept money to pretend they backed a specific candidate. 

Many displayed the regular signs, the signs we found at the various campaign offices in downtown Appleburg. Some, like the Light Brigade, were a little more creative. And some folks made their own signs. On our way to a meeting in J-ville, we saw three homemade signs supporting Barrett. The first two were on a busy corner, but I managed to get a picture of the third.

sign in J-ville

Then we came home and saw a young couple in the neighborhood putting up a sign in their front yard. Barrett was courting the youth vote, and these two responded. 

nearby sign

Then there was the creative take-off on “I Stand with Scott Walker” —

Can't Stand Walker!

Signs popped up in odd places, too. A student drew this picture for a book response activity, and we displayed it in the main area of our offices. But wait – there’s a line in the sand, I mean a sign in the sand. 

                                                                                     actual student work

If you look more closely, you’ll see it was added later. It’s amazing what a teacher can do with a few sticky notes and a pen. 

a sign in the sand

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