The Compostermom Returns

I know some of you are thinking “Daisy! Enough of the political posts already! How’s your garden?” While I ponder the symbolism of the grass roots that can’t be contained…. okay, I’m back in the dirt.

We had major rains for several days, bringing Lake Okaybyme back to the backyard. After a few breezy days and dry nights, Lake Okaybyme and its counterpart, Swamp NotsoOkaybyme, have receded far enough that I can wade through the grassland and reach the compost bin. I found, unfortunately, that someone small with opposable thumbs had gotten to the bin first. This bandit had pulled open the access panel and spilled decomposed matter and some not-yet-compost all over the ground. Growl. To make matters worse, the masked avenger had opened the opposite access panel from its previous forays into my compost.

In more than ten years of composting, last year was the first time I’ve ever had a problem with a fuzzball or two in black, white, and gray. Now they’re back, the dang varmints. I told you last year, you. Get outta my compost, punk!

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