In which Daisy yells at the television set again

I’m energized and ready to hit the campaign pavement. Meanwhile, I’m getting reacquainted with my dear darling husband, the dear one who had to work in Milwaukee on election night. He operated his company’s satellite truck so his station could cover Tom Barrett’s (as it turned out) victory party. So… we did what we do: we watched Jeopardy together.

Last week, as the teen tournament chose its finalists, there was a final jeopardy Q & A (or A & Q, if you want to get technical about it) asking the contestants to come up with a word that represented the killing of life, even while the term itself described a substance that could save a life. Antibiotic was the answer, er, question, of course. Two out of three teens answered antidote. Nice try, but close only counts in horseshoes, right? So there I was, remembering all the years that I’d taught sixth grade science, pointing at the television and stating loudly, “If you’d been in my science classes, you would have known that bio- means life!” Chuck just ignored me. Smart guy.

The winner in tonight’s teen tournament was a young lady who was very intelligent, quick on the buzzer, and an all-around strong contestant. She had a mannerism that bugged me, though. When she answered, in the form of a question as always, her body language and facial expression said, “Well, could it possibly be – nah.” This cutesie look could also be interpreted to say, “Oh, I’m sorry I’m right. I’m really sorry I’m so capable. Girls aren’t supposed to be smart.”

I thought we left these attitudes behind a long, long time ago. This inferior female apologetic act bit the dust about the time we earned the right to earn the same as a man doing the same job.

Oh, wait a minute. Soon To Be Former Governor Walker just reversed that equivalent salary gig. 

Never mind. You go ahead and be cute, girl. Just make sure you get informed and vote as soon as you’re able. Then your future employers can reward you for your intellectual assets, not just your lovely ones.

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