I am woman, see me vote.

It was a dark, dark night in the state capitol. In the dark of the night, a killer did his deadly deed. This was not a crime for attention or a plea for help. A pen scratched across the paper, quickly, in the hopes that no one would hear. Then, there was silence. Silence, until the scene became public.

Wisconsin Governor Walker had signed a bill the killed women’s rights to equal pay for equal work.
He thought we wouldn’t notice.
He thought we didn’t really care, didn’t really mind being set back fifty years in workplace gains.
Instead of listening to the real women who stretch every dollar of their paychecks, he listened to a wealthy supporter who said that “…You could argue that money is more important for men.”   The same supporter referred to men as the breadwinners for their families.
Mr. Walker? Over here, please. I’m the primary breadwinner for my family. I’m female, and I vote.
But Mr. Walker, taking his cue from his contributors instead of his constituents, repealed the Equal Pay Law that would guarantee women and men equal pay for equal work. He believes that women are worth less.
Gov. Walker thinks we’re worth less. The male teacher in the next classroom with the same education and experience can make more than the woman in the room next door – because of a Y chromosome. The male principal can make more than the female principal – regardless of school size, demographics, or (yeah, yeah, yeah) test scores. The male can bring home more bacon than the woman – because she can, and might, bear a child.
Gov. Walker and his cohorts think we’re worth less. Does his Lieutenant Governor know? Her salary doesn’t have to equal that of a male Lt. Gov. She wears pumps with her suit instead of oxfords, and therefore she is worth less.
Governor Walker thinks women are worth less. That’s frighteningly close to worthless.
Governor Walker thinks we’re worthless.
Well, soon-to-be-former Governor Walker, my influence still equals a man’s on one important count.
We each have one vote.

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  1. We loved your “I am Woman, see me vote” writing! We copied and sent it to a former AASD librarian who we canvas with.

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