Mug shots!

Inspired by my cousin’s post of her Obama mug, I decided to post a few oldies but goodies that chronicle my mug collection. My favorite souvenirs are those I will use: coffee mugs, of course, fit the category. Here’s one from Lockeport, Nova Scotia.

I set up my new mug on the picnic table outside the rental cottage with the beach in the background. I wanted to show the little lobster inside the mug as well as the one on the front, so I propped it with a few of the seashells and stones we’d found.

Then Chuck got into the act. He insisted on including every little piece we’d found on the beach and arranging it “tastefully” around the mug.

Here it is: Still life with Souvenir Coffee Mug.

And the back view, too.
(It says Nova Scotia on the back.)

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