Fun With Unique Pots

The mainstream shops are getting the idea that people want to garden on their decks and porches and in small spaces. I bought a pair of strangely shaped pots designed to sit on a deck railing. At the moment, one holds a basil plant that was getting overpowered by the other three in the bigger pot. The other holds lemon basil seeds.

I came outside after a rainstorm to find standing water in the pot with the transplanted basil. The other one was wet, but not soggy. Chuck and his power drill came to the rescue.

Pot needs holes? No problem.

Pot needs holes? No problem.

We watched the excess water drain from the bottom. The basil looks much happier.



The railing showed its age and snapped. I moved the pots to another part of the deck; now we’ll just wait for Chuck to have time to replace the wood.

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