>Mysteries in the garden

>Mystery #1: With such thriving, growing, spreading plants, why is there no squash? Scarcity of pollinators? Late development due to June storms?

Mystery #2: Who stole my green peppers? There were three almost ready to pick. I waited two days, then went out with my bucket, and found no sign of them No seeds, no half-eaten scraps, no toothmarks in the plants, nothing.

Mystery #3: This one I can solve. The peas are just not growing well. This picture shows why: the beans have taken all the sun and very effectively block the light from the poor little pea plants. Note to self: Next year, learn from this.

This is a daylight photo with flash. Um, yeah, the beans are dominating.

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2 thoughts on “>Mysteries in the garden

  1. >Our beans were killed by some kind of bug. It was horrible! They grew and grew and right as they began to flower – devoured! And the cantaloupe! Same as your peppers. Beautiful little loupes forming out there, now completely gone! We figure a raccoon has gotten into the yard. Grrr!

  2. >I did the same thing with my peas (too close to the beans).

    I really didn’t realize how big my pumpkin plants would grow. No fruit at all, but the giant plants have climbed the fence and are metastasizing all over the yard.


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