Cutting Corners & Cards

Amigo complains that I’m a “Green Freak” when I look for alternatives to gift wrap and tags. He doesn’t know that I have another use for old cards – decorative tops for canned goods.

It all starts with two lids, one regular and one large. Those are the patterns, templates, tracers, whatever you’d like to call them. If I have a choice, I’ll cut out a large one because I know I can make it smaller if I need to. Add a box of cards (holiday, birthday, etc.), a scissors, and I’m ready to work.

Getting to work!

Getting to work!

I cut apart the cards to make gift tags or round tags for my canned goods gift giving.

Finished Circles

Finished Circles – in two sizes

More finished circles

More finished circles

Some cards are too special to cut into pieces.

This one is a keeper.

This one is a keeper.

The rest are now in a manila envelope on my bookshelf Any time I’m giving away a few jars of goodies, I can reach for some nice, classy pictures to decorate the tops.

Okay, readers, let’s build on this. What other uses do you have for cards? Do you scrapbook? Make new cards from old? Leave a comment sharing your ideas.

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