>Christmas Eve Day

>Three goals:

1. Bake cookies
2. Wrap gifts
3. Prepare dinner for in-laws.

At 10:00 AM, dinner was already simmering in the crock pot, bread in the breadmaker, and Amigo and I were rolling out cookies and choosing cookie cutters.

11:00 — Cookies were out of oven cooling. Amigo turnedg on NPR to listen to Santa’s call-in show. This is an annual event; when Amigo was younger, he would call in. Now we just listen.

11:30 — Amigo helped me wrap La Petite’s gifts

12:00 — Lunch. I made egg salad. Chuck described eggs as “saladized.” Is that a word? It is now.

1:00 — plurk, twitter, blog break.

1:30 — Sharing Holiday Humor

  • Why did you make guitar shaped cookies?
  • For Santa’s Elvis.

1:45 — And finally, back to the wrapping table. Buttercup played underneath, in a box of her own, while La Petite snuggled the new little lionhead bunny.

Kids aren’t the only ones who like to play in the boxes!

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