>It’s not too late…

>It’s not too late…

  • to vote for my sustainable cooking tip by clicking “I Like This.” I have several tips on the Brighter Planet site, but this one is getting the most attention.
  • to consider slow food options for gifts. These aren’t limited to Christmas; consider them for birthdays or Mother’s Day or other special gift-giving times, too. I bought myself reusable produce bags last summer, but fair trade coffee never goes out of season.
  • to wrap a gift in something other than commercial wrapping paper. It’s easy, it’s green, it’s frugal. This doesn’t have to be limited to Christmas, either; birthdays are ideal times to get creative with wrapping.
  • to read a good book. Join paperbackswap for swapping, shop your local bookstore for new books, and make time to relax.

It’s not too late to bake cookies. Sometimes I bake on Christmas Eve Day and decorate on Christmas Day itself. Amigo objects – he thinks I’m slacking if I wait that long – but sometimes life takes over.

It’s not too late to sleep in and make a few deposits in the sleep bank. Snuggle in, take a nap, and feel good.

It’s not too late to sing some good Christmas songs and carols. If you don’t sing, listen to a good CD or two or three.

Above all, enjoy your holiday.

Merry Christmas from Compost Happens.

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