Bias in the Political World

It’s no surprise when a poll is skewed to one side. Left or right, many pollsters are hired to do just that – make the poll turn out for the candidate, no matter what.

It was a “suggested post” because I don’t follow the guy. Senator Ron Johnson’s headline said, “Wisconsin Values; take the survey.” His comment added, “We want to know what you think!”

Really, RonJohn? I don’t think you truly want to know what this ecology-minded, frugal, progressive blogger and public school teacher actually thinks.

What the heck, I clicked on the link. I was not surprised.  Here’s an example, along with my answers – and my reactions.

  1. What do you think is the biggest issue facing Wisconsinites today? I responded: Education – K-12 and post high school. Budget cutting is devastating to students at all levels. Invest in education; it pays in the long run.
  2. What should be Ron’s priority in 2016? This question offered me several choices, none of which appealed to me. I attempted to click “Other” and type in “Address Climate Change.” My answer disappeared when I tried to submit. I guess he only wanted to hear one of the following.
    • Creating Jobs
    • Other
  3. How important is securing our borders to you? Important, Unimportant, Undecided – what kind of a choice is that? Give me a chance to click Other, and I’ll tell you that “securing” the border is a myth and a misleading statement because immigration is a complicated issue.
  4. Has President Obama done enough to improve Veterans’ care and services? Again, Yes, No, Undecided. Work with me here, Ronny. How about giving me a blank where I can ask “Has the Senate cooperated with President Obama to improve Veterans’ care and services?” Hah. Answer that honestly, if you dare.
  5. How can you help Ron spread his conservative message across Wisconsin? Oh, readers, the nerve of the man. Wisconsin values survey, indeed. He just wants to recruit donors and volunteers. Look at these choices. 
    • Door Knocking
    • Phone Banking
    • Write a Letter to the Editor
    • Host an event for Ron
    • Invite Ron to Your Community
    • Display a Yard Sign
  6. And last, the survey asks for (required) email, name, and zip code. The zip code would verify that I live in Wisconsin. My name – I don’t want my name on any kind of list connected to this science denying, stubborn, narrow minded politician.
  7. Let’s see now. Based on this survey, the Senator doesn’t really want to know what I think and which Wisconsin progressive values I favor. Fortunately, my personal policy is to avoid online petitions and the like. Next time I communicate with the tall blonde guy from Oshkosh, it’ll either be a phone call regarding my progressive point of view or it’ll be my vote. And that, my friends, will show MY Wisconsin values.

As seen on Jeopardy:

Who is Russ Feingold, of course.

Who is Russ Feingold, of course. Campaign finance reform – now that’s a reflection of Wisconsin values.

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2 thoughts on “Bias in the Political World

  1. Ha. I can never fill out those biased surveys. Such total crap, they only want echoed back what they say.

  2. I get those “surveys” from both sides. They’re really just another form of fundraising appeal; I wonder if anyone even tabulates the results.

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