>Woo-hoo!! Party!!


My blog had its ten thousandth hit over the weekend! Yippee!
Hey, for a D-lister like me, that’s a big deal. Isn’t it nice of my family to have fireworks for me?

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4 thoughts on “>Woo-hoo!! Party!!

  1. >Yay! Congrats! You should treat yourself to a massage, and a nice dinner. Or, you could just get a bottle of wine and call it a night! (I’d go for the latter, personally.)

  2. >cute still life. Congrats on the 10k it is a good feeling to see accomplishments like that. You must be feeling pretty good about it. I just hit 1000 in 31 days sorta strange to think of it. I am glad you get so many comments.

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