>Winter or road construction?


We have a saying in the Northern realm. We say there are two seasons: Winter and Road Construction. Winter came back this week and it looks like it’s here to stay. I’m fine with that, because winter is one of the beautiful things of living in Wisconsin. La Petite sent me an email saying that they have so much snow on her campus that they cancelled classes. Snow Day! At home, it’s time to hang out and read a book next to the fireplace and look out the window at the pretty flakes drifting along. Snowflakes, that is.
The garden is resting under a blanket of raked leaves and covered by a layer of snow that will insulate the soil until next spring when I put the new compost in. We finally got the deck furniture inside. The lawnmower is emptied, the bikes are hanging in the garage, and the snowblower (dare I say it?) is ready for use.

Remember this?

Now it looks like this.

When spring comes, I’ll get some new herbs for the cappucino mugs and something to grow in Kermit’s cute little hat. But for now, I’ll curl up with a good book and enjoy watching the snow fall.

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