>When siblings grow up…

>…it can be a beautiful thing. La Petite took this last summer while Amigo was reading to me in our backyard swing. His hands are very graceful when he reads, and she saw a picture in it. One of the best parts of this story is this: he had a bit of sauce on his hand from the lasagna we’d had for supper. She had to airbrush it out using Adobe Photoshop. Ah, some things never change.

La Petite entered this photo in a contest at her University and won 1st prize in the category. She called Amigo to tell him first because it was a picture of him.

Happy Love Thursday, everybody.

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3 thoughts on “>When siblings grow up…

  1. >It is a very powerful picture by itself, but to know about the sauce makes it even more special. Thanks so much for sharing the memory and Happy Love Thursday!

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