When Gradebooks Attack

I tried. I really, really tried. This was my gradebook Friday morning. Each and every little square A+ means there are tests or quizzes or portfolios to be graded. In this case, every single course except Reading for Success (which comes in on Mondays) had work waiting for me.


I accomplished a lot, but not nearly enough. I had to leave several of these lovely little A+ icons in their square, unfinished stage. Meanwhile, several students kept working through the weekend. Monday, any progress I’d made on Friday appeared to be erased.

And that’s not counting the assignments that came in the mail.

Friday afternoons and Monday mornings are my busiest schedules, too. Regardless of the challenges, I do my best to hit the ground running on Monday afternoons. When Monday came to a close and I emptied the dregs of my tea, the gradebook looked better. Not empty, but better.

The Language Arts assignment that awaits my rubric and my eagle eye is one from a student who is working ahead. Deep breath; this one can wait until morning.

Now if only I could talk the students into really, really reading directions. Take another deep breath: that solution is still in the invention stage.

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