Frustration becomes Normal

Oh, it’s time for another bout with the Clinic that Shall Not Be Named and the Pharmacy that Shall Not Be Named. This time, I’m too tired to be upset. I’m just resigned. It’s not worth it to expend any more energy on a system I can’t use effectively, one I certainly can’t change.

Day 1: Called clinic for Amigo’s New Doc regarding renewal of a prescription. We had been splitting the pills for him so he could take a lower dose, but the pill is so small the splitter doesn’t work well.

Potential solution: leave a message for doctor asking if he will renew this with a change to a lower dose.

Actual result: This type of call has to go through triage, and triage only takes phone calls between 8:30 and 4:00. I called at 4:05. No voice mail available, no human being in a position to take a message and pass it on to New Doc or his staff.

Next step: try pharmacy. Maybe they can contact New Doc through their system.


Day 2: Called Pharmacy that Shall Not be Named. Explained Amigo’s situation, asked about lower dose and whether they could communicate with New Doc. Yes, they could communicate with New Doc. No, a lower dose is not available. We’ll have to keep splitting pills.

Day 2, Part 2: Still talking with Pharmacy that Shall Not be Named, I asked about my medication for blood pressure. According to a note sent through the messaging system at the Clinic That Shall Not be Named, Family Doc sent a renewal to the Pharmacy That Shall Not be Named almost a month ago.

First step: Ask for a person, not a recorded phone call.

Second step: Wait on hold.

Next: Talk to pharmacy tech, who says there is no record whatsoever of a prescription coming in on that date.

Finally: Pharmacy will contact Family Doc’s office and ask questions.

Day 2, the Sequel: Brought up the My Messages account, found the message stating the prescription had been sent on the 13th. Sent another message stating that pharmacy has no record of said prescription, and asking what happened. 

Next Step: wait. Hope the new meds get settled before the current supply runs out.

Step that Cannot Be Taken: Inform Clinic That Shall Not be Named that their so-called communication system really, really stinks. Frankly, I can’t even be angry anymore. I’m just resigned to the fact that I’m stuck in the mud of a patient-unfriendly system.

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3 thoughts on “Frustration becomes Normal

  1. Update: family doc understands my frustrations. He’s not in a position to change the system, but when I can communicate with him, I trust things might actually happen. – Daisy

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