Wandering Thoughts and Smoothies

The theme ingredient was “Wet”. All those who walked or biked to our school-year-opening assembly were wet with sweat. The temperature and humidity did not feel like a Wisconsin day. Not even close.

So we dragged our sweaty selves into the auditorium that usually has its A/C pumping. It didn’t. We kept dripping.

So as my mind wandered away from the, ahem, important speakers on the stage, I was thinking, I am craving a smoothie. A cold, refreshing, smoothie from the place downtown, a few blocks from our office. I need fluids.

The presentation picked up with a video from high school students in the arts – a video that featured students and adults talking about the impact of the arts in their lives. I didn’t get distracted this time; two former classmates from my college days were interviewed and featured!  But I was still thirsty. I was envisioning a Pomegranate Plunge. 

Teaching awards, community awards, and the 30 Year Pin awards flew by. So few educators stay in the field for thirty years. Since the current state government began treating us like Thugs…. well, that’s another post. No smoothie for you, gov’nuh.

One of the few 30 year people was another college classmate. Thirty years? I was distracted by doing the math in my head because he’s my age, but has taught longer. He dove in immediately after graduation and never stopped. Maybe he knew of a smoothie place closer to the high school. 

But my wandering thoughts got me through what is normally an okay, but not great, presentation. Watching the Teacher of the Year awardees — we should nominate one of our virtual people. There are some awesome teachers on our staff. Watching the younger of two doctors handing the awards to the winners – hey, I knew that guy! We went to high school together! Right here! I wonder if he’s still married to the one who shared a locker with me our sophomore year? I bet she’d go for a smoothie with me.

Back to the theme ingredient: Wet. We left the auditorium and found rain pouring down! I caught a ride with another teacher so I didn’t get too wet. At that point, I welcomed the shower. Ha. Ha. 

It might sound like I was a little ADD during the whole event. In reality, I heard and remembered enough to start the school year with a positive attitude.

And if you’re wondering, I did get that smoothie for lunch.

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2 thoughts on “Wandering Thoughts and Smoothies

  1. I am confused at why teachers travel/walk to converge in an auditorium with broken air conditioning for a presentation. All school buildings certainly have audio visual/computer capabilities so you would not have to spend an entire morning to be part of a group meeting. At our weekly duck hunters breakfast a retired bank president estimated that the opening day teachers meeting cost at minimum a quarter of a million dollars. (his wife retired from teaching last year).

    Teachers I knew when I was an educator would have preferred to be working in their rooms rather than attend large staff meetings.

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