>Top Ten Reasons to enjoy teaching online


…or… Top Ten Reasons my new job is right for me

10. It lets me unleash my inner geek.

9. I can have a bad hair day and no one will know.
8. I step into the hall and breathe the rarified air of administration (we’re on the same floor as Student Services, Special Ed., and Title I, among other powerful offices)
7. I get to work with a bunch of other teachers unleashing their own inner geeks.
6. I can play with clip art and pretend I’m working.
5. I’m a good independent worker. Bloggers & writers are often self-motivated types, and I’m both.
4. Those headsets with microphones look oh so fashionable with my hearing aids.
3. I never need to leave sub plans! Well, that’s both a blessing and a curse.
2. My “Teaching Wisconsin to Read” coffee cup can sit by my side, full, all morning.
1. I can use the bathroom any time I need it and not have to wait for a recess bell!

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