>Eating the Opponent: meet me in St. Louis, Louis!


Last weekend we had peach cobbler for dessert and cornbread with peach jam with the meal. We tried Coke with peanuts later in the evening and made grits with maple syrup to go with brunch.

This time, we’re looking to St. Louis. The Brewers were up against the Cardinals, and the Packers are playing the Rams. My sister-in-law lived and taught in St. Louis for several years, so she joined Earth Muffin in recommending some good local fare.
Our tentative plan: Fried ravioli. Chuck will find a beer (not Budweiser, by the way) with St. Louis or at least Missouri roots. We weren’t willing to fry a cardinal – that’s another sport entirely. Besides, I hear cardinal tastes like chicken.
Some of the fun in this project comes from the research. We get ideas from friends and family, we look things up on the Internet, and we get creative to add a bit of Wisconsin to some. Adding maple syrup to the grits was one nod to my state tree, the sugar maple. The peaches in the jam were Wisconsin and Michigan produce, not Georgia, to be honest. It’s the spirit of the project that counts. So on we go, eating our way (we hope) to 6-0!
Readers coming from Plurk or Twitter might know that I’m having my first cataract removal surgery today. Yes, of course I’m nervous. I’m using my irreverent sense of humor to survive it. No coffee in the morning before surgery? I’ll convince Chuck to drive through Starbucks on the way home.

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