To Do in the Dirt

To do is to be. 

To be is to do. 


  • Rock garden has its fun rocks (the big ones) in it again
  • Mock cherry tree suckers lopped off
  • Dead mums from last fall cut down (they are so hardy it’s snowing before they die)
  • Peat covers the area destined for asparagus
  • The mess near the small compost bin has been raked and redeposited in the other compost bin (dang raccoon)
  • Tiny tomato seedlings are in better pots now
  • Mini greenhouse shelves are on deck (that means they’re outside, people, not waiting to bat)

To Do:

  • Turn soil
  • Mix in suitable compost
  • Spread topsoil over peat for asparagus
  • Pick up boards-slash-stepping stone paths and re-arrange them
  • Create the new “floor plan!”
  • Find any stray rock collections in the basement (I know of at least one box) and add to rock garden

Do-be-do-be-do! And this is only the beginning!

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