To Be is To Do, To Do is To Be

Do Be Do Be Do!

Long ago, when Amigo was a baby, I had a sweatshirt that proclaimed to the world:



Mine was white, not black, and credited Plato rather than Sartre with the second form of To Be. And so it goes as I give away the source for my latest posts announcing what’s done and what’s still To Do (be do be do).

With the help of a rake and a light rain, I managed to get the stepping stones a.k.a. old boards out of the garden. Now I can turn the soil, if the weather will ever cooperate. If not, it may be another year to plant no-till style.



More Boards!

More Boards!

Then the seeds will go in, and hopefully the seedlings will follow sooner rather than later.

Those patches of brown may look more like patches of growth soon.


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