>Things to do on a "snow" day


  • Feed bunnies, turn on TV.
  • Read School Closings crawl. Resist temptation to cheer loudly.
  • Give Amigo the news.
  • Attempt to sleep a little longer (easier said than done).
  • Turn on coffeemaker and computer.
  • Plug in the crockpot with chili for supper.
  • Send Husband on his way with the observation that our indoor-outdoor thermometer doesn’t handle double digit negatives: the negative sign is where the tens place is. It may say 14 degrees, but it’s really 14 below zero.
  • Override thermostat program to keep house warm enough for people today.
  • Watch the Early Show (Weather Dude Dave is in Green Bay and looks c-c-cold!).
  • Start the breadmaker. Plain white bread sounds right today.
  • Make oatmeal for kiddo.
  • Change bunny litter boxes.
  • Start a laundry load: napkins and towels.
  • Take Twitter, blog, and Plurk breaks!
  • Make lunch, watch news.
  • Take a few phone calls.
  • Slice and serve the fresh bread with butter and (homemade) jelly.
  • Stir chili – wow, the house smells good!
  • Move napkins and towels to dryer.
  • Check in with CNN and The Weather Channel
  • Take another blog break!

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