>Recipe for an Historic Inauguration


Take one republic, preheated by
Poverty and
Health care crises.
Blend worries, industry failures, job losses
Top with slashed budgets and crashing morale.
Mix dedicated candidates with
and Passion.
Nurture from deep grass roots
Seek hope, change, and motivation.
Beat at high speeds until competition peaks.
Organize. Volunteer. Vote.

Set aside to cool.
Season with Knowledge
Plans and Ideas
Fold in global perspective,
Authentic world view.
Ship by train to nation’s capital.
Set atop quality cabinet.

Serve with courage and inspiration.

photo credit: La Petite, at a rally last June

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5 thoughts on “>Recipe for an Historic Inauguration

  1. >What a beautiful picture. And what is really amazing is that I think the lady with long hair with the microphone is a relative of yours.

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