>The various moods around town

>A thriving locally owned business encouraged re-use of 6 pack holders and suggested the purchase of a local product. If you’re wondering what a “yokel” is, no, it’s not a Yooper, it’s a kind of beer by the New Glarus brewing company….

…the same company that brews Fat Squirrel and Spotted Cow.
Later on, we saw this sign of the times; empty store, business closed, sign gone.

This vacant storefront was only a block away from the Spotted Cow Crossing.

But later, this truck turned off the highway in front of my minivan: a student driver in the professional truck driver program at the local technical college. Someone, somehow, is training for a new career.

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3 thoughts on “>The various moods around town

  1. >I'm thinking alot about the economy lately and what its impact on us and our kids. It's not all bad, as you point out, in fact, I think some very good things are coming out of this recession.

  2. >I agree with Green Bean that some things that are coming from the recession are good.

    Even a friend of mine that lost her house is trying to look at the good side which is that she has become more sustainable and learned what really matters.

    We can't buy a house as soon no as our stocks that were going to be our down payment is down really far.

    In Oklahoma not much is closing as we haven't been hit as hard by the recession. I don't know anyone that has lost there home in Oklahoma (there are some but the numbers are low). My town is getting new businesses the only one we really lost was Starbucks (which is dumb because they had TONS of business).

    Thanks for showing both sides!

  3. >You must be in the Fox Valley (hence the FVTC tractor trailer) I used to teach at FVTC part time!
    We're over in the Valders area now, used to live in Oshkosh for 15 years.

    Speaking of our economy..what do you think about Mercury Marine? That will devastate the economy in FDL or definitely hurt it!

    Please stop by my blog at http://www.windeeacresfarm.blogspot.com

    Love Spotted Cow too! Have you tried Totally Naked? Tried it last week, pretty good!

    Let's continue to support our locals!

    Peace..R Dean

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