>More garden mysteries

>What is this? Is it an herb finally coming up or a weed that flew in on the wind?

It’s small; it sneaks in between the basil and the thyme plants. Does anyone recognize it? I’m a relative beginner with herbs, so go ahead. I can handle the truth.

Then there are these orbs, the not-zucchini squash. They look more pumpkin-like each day, but they’re white. I didn’t plant white pumpkins. In fact, I didn’t plant pumpkins at all! Ideas? The stems resemble pumpkins more than any other squash.

And finally, last but never least, how does the zucchini sneak up on me like this? I thought I was done harvesting in this corner. More zucchini bread on the way!

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2 thoughts on “>More garden mysteries

  1. >Darn beetles got my zucchini plants so we're all done for the season. Rats.
    Is that a tree seedling?
    That looks like a watermelon, but could it be a pumpkin?

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