The trees! Save the trees! Or… or… not.

Observe: one of the trees that our neighbor wants to save. She circulated petitions and called our alderman and forced a review of the situation. Unfortunately, she’s not thinking logically. 

A blustery day in the neighborhood

It’s a big one. The branch cracked and fell due to a wind gust – just a gust of wind on a clear but windy day.

Big tree, big branch.

In conclusion, the trees are lovely, and they’re lived good lives. Saving these trees (and tearing up the roots with the road construction) isn’t a logical decision.

Remaining limb – and proximity to wire


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2 thoughts on “The trees! Save the trees! Or… or… not.

  1. I’ve been following that story, too, and in this case I agree–the trees have to go. It makes no sense to work around them, despite their beauty, they’re simply too old to make it worth the effort and expense. Better to pull in some 10-15 year old trees to replace them.

  2. If there is a strong emotional attachment to a tree a good idea is to have one of our local sawmills saw part of the tree into boards. Kiln dry them and then have the Amish shop make them into a piece of customized furniture.

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