The To Do-Be-Do-Be-Do List Returns

A killing frost threatens, so I must get at the final harvest tasks. The to-do list is growing, and here I sit on the couch, stretched out and relaxed with my laptop. Maybe all of this will look more possible tomorrow.

  • Dig up garlic plot. There may be at least three bulbs I can pull apart and plant.
  • Bring in all tomatoes big enough to ripen. They will ripen indoors.
  • Bring in the mini-greenhouse shelves and herbs.
  • Transplant blueberries into pails for the winter in preparation for the garage replacement project that would surely destroy them.
  • Make a trip to Fleet Farm for a backyard shed. Start moving garden tools and equipment out of garage and into shed.
  • Empty rain barrels. Turn them upside down for the winter.
  • Bring in any peppers of decent sizes.
  • Pull pepper plants out of straw bales.
  • Spread straw around garden.

Know what, friends and readers? Lying here with my laptop is looking better and better. Maybe I’ll work on laundry and take naps instead.

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