Putting the Garden to Bed – maybe

My to-do list from Friday night had a big obstacle thrown in its way on Saturday morning: rain.

I put on a rain jacket and hat and went to a dreary farmers’ market. I bought squash, zucchini, and Honey Crisp apples. Each and every vendor said, “Thank you for coming out in this weather!”

Later on, I took advantage of a break in the heavy rain, put on a hoodie and baseball cap and brought in a batch of peppers and tomatoes. I was almost half done with the tomatoes when I realized it wasn’t just sprinkling anymore; it was a steady shower. I was getting soaked.

My logic runs like this. It’s warm enough to rain, so it won’t freeze overnight. I can leave the rest of the tomatoes on the vine for one more day.

And then, I went inside to start laundry.

In the process, I ended up spilling a light sprinkle of detergent on the carpet by the washer, so I pulled out the vacuum. At that point, I decided that every task I’ve attempted all day has ended in sprinkles or drizzles, I should just sit down and watch the Badger game with Amigo.

They were playing Northwestern – in the rain. At least I was dry.

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