>The new addition


No, it’s not another bunny. It’s certainly not another teenager, and don’t even think younger. I have a new coffee mug. Of course! You knew that right away. Didn’t you?

Everything in the gift shop was half price because it was the last game of the season. I picked this one over the other because it was a little bigger than the average coffee cup and because of the cool “fidget tool” on the handle. See that neat-o little hockey puck with the crossed sticks? It spins. My thumb loves it.

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3 thoughts on “>The new addition

  1. >Oooo! I’ve never seen a coffee mug with a fidget tool! That would certainly be difficult to resist at any price. Yay!

  2. >I love the mug. I’d never get any work done because I would be spinning that thing all the time! I could drink a lot of tea tho….

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