The Aftermath

It was an adventure. Some day I’ll laugh. Not yet, though. We’re still slogging through the aftermath of the water main destruction that led to flooding the basement and the gas line breakage that caused our evacuation in a mad, mad hurry. When I came home from the hotel the next morning, I walked in and saw this.



I’d been cooking supper when the gas main broke and the natural gas blanketed the house. Chuck was allowed in briefly that night to pack overnight bags for all of us. He took a few minutes to put the food in the refrigerator, but that was all. It was a little spooky coming into the silent house the next morning and seeing this scene.

Later, I checked on the basement. Oh, my. Untouched? Not here.

lunch bag in a puddle

lunch bag in a puddle

The OkayByMe Swamp had seeped – no, poured into the basement.

Back room - the source

Back room – the source

The back room was the worst – two inches deep throughout the whole storage room.

I fed Buttercup, picked up my schoolbag, and headed off to work for (fortunately) a half day.

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