>Sustainable cooking: can a suburban/city type do it successfully?


Brighter Planet announced a contest; a collection of tips and ideas and stories from regular folks (and bloggers, too). They call it Mastering the Art of Sustainable Cooking.

I started with a picnic entry. For a picnic on the road, I couldn’t beat this post: our evening snack on the hotel deck overlooking Pike Place Market. It’s not your typical picnic, not a pack-a-cooler in the car’s trunk kind of plan, but a picnic it was. Emphasizing local food and drink was part of our plan, and we did so while in a city far from home. Great fun, great food, and another great memory from the trip. A great tip for sustainable cooking? Maybe. Go ahead and check it out! When I can figure out how to upload pictures to the site, I’ll see if I can make my contest entry look even better.

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