>How much garden still grows?


Call it leftovers, call it a fall crop, call it the end of summer. Call it whatever you wish; to me it means that school has started and summer gardening is nearly done.
I neglected the broccoli and it flowered.

The beans are hanging on, producing a few more handfuls for the steamer, and even putting out a few small buds that might ripen if the warm weather holds.

And of course the zucchini continues, even after I cut back the vines to prevent the powder mildew from spreading even farther.

The kitchen has green tomatoes ripening on every windowsill. If you’ve ever seen my kitchen, you know that means on both (small) windowsills and probably beside the sink. I’m going to keep visiting the farmers’ market until it’s over; when the fresh vegetables and fruits are gone, I know I’ll mourn.

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2 thoughts on “>How much garden still grows?

  1. >It is hard. Every autumn. Here, the warm weather hangs on stubbornly, but we can smell frost. Soon it'll be all about seed catalogs.

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