>Staying cool, staying calm, and fighting the good fight

>But not getting down – that’s the trick.

On the to-do list: Two appointments and prescriptions to pick up. Along with the appointments, I need to discuss recent insurance communications. This will take energy, and energy is one thing I don’t have in abundance. These appointments may also be emotionally wearing; just what a depression sufferer needs, right? Uh-huh.
I found out recently that my coping skills make me look bad, too; because I’m good at coping, I’m not disabled. Not enough, anyway. But if I stop coping and just give up — no. That’s not an option, and I won’t apologize for attempting to make life’s glass appear half full.

Meanwhile, I’ll pick up up Harry Potter and remember that life could be worse: I could be teaching alongside Severus Snape. I don’t know how Minerva McGonagall stays cool and calm while he’s persecuting her precious Gryffindors.
Professor McGonagall is definitely a kindred spirit. She’s a leader, one who knows what’s right, and calmly deals with many big issues. With the Weasley family in her house, particularly Fred and George, I’m sometimes amazed at how calm she can be! When I saw the first movie, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, my first glimpse of McGonagall was a mild shock. “No, that can’t be her. She’s much too, well, old. She’s supposed to be me!” Several years later, now I can watch the movies and say, it’s okay. I can only hope to age as well. Can I wear a nifty green hat like hers? And where’s my wand?

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