>Pennywise, green, or both?

>Regular readers might know I’m on a medical leave of absence. Some might deduce that this means there’s less income coming into the home.

Readers, new or regular, know or can guess that I’m a green, eco-conscious type of person. While I deal with fatigue, the unpredictability of my career, and more, I need focus. My focus for the time being will be small changes on the pennywise-frugal and green fronts.
Here’s a weekly round-up.
Litter boxes cleaned:
  • Used plastic shopping bags for the garbage (I use my own bags – how did we get this huge crate of plastic?) – frugal and green
  • As always, used biodegradable litter – green, similar cost to other products
  • Found the “lost” litter boxes under a pile of snow – we must have left them out to rinse in the rain when the last snowstorm surprised us. Is this green, frugal, both, or neither?
Home thermostat:
  • Changed heating program by dropping the temps two degrees all day. I’m the only one home most days; I can dress in layers if I feel cold. Both frugal and green.
  • If I open windows, I turn the heat off. This is frugal, but it can backfire; I must remember to turn it back on at night when the temperature drops toward freezing.
  • The heavy items all hang on dryer racks until they’re merely damp: jeans, sweats, heavy sweaters use much less energy to dry, but the clothes still come out soft. Frugal, somewhat green.
  • Anti-static dryer balls! I rarely buy fabric softener. The only time I need it is in the sweater load. Frugal – very frugal.
  • Washing everything on warm or cold, never hot, saves shrinkage as well as saving money.
  • I put together the Ultimate Greenhouse set of shelving.
  • Now it’s time to take inventory of seeds and plan the layout for both plots.
  • Then I can start a few seeds so they’re ready for planting when the frost danger is gone.
  • Green? Of course. Frugal? When we’re harvesting bunny food and making our own salsa, the grocery bills will go down.

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