Spring Fever

I’m getting restless. It’s a sign of progress, a sign of continuing recovery from my latest battle with health issues, and it’s spring fever.

I actually did laundry today. Chuck is grateful.

I watered herbs in pots and started planning how to transplant a few of them. The rosemary is spread in three pots – I think it could use a bigger home, all in one. The same with the sage; it’s in two pots, neither of which is doing well. Time to move the sage, as well. This is definitely a sign of spring.

Chuck asked when I plan to put in seeds. He knows! He knows I have a timetable in mind. I have the seeds for tomato and pepper plants. I’ll put them in soon – next week or the following. In the warm spell we’re expecting (30 degree temps and above!) I’ll dig under the planting table and bring in the containers and tools I need. Then I’ll take a chance and go to Ace Hardware or the big box place that used to employ La Petite and buy potting soil and starting soil.

I read two books for my Book List project. Actually, I read one and read enough of the other to recognize that I’d already read it. Expect a post soon with short comments on potential curriculum.

I attended a work related webinar a few nights ago. Today I organized and typed up my notes to share with my colleagues. It’s a professional courtesy and will be a requirement if the Powers That Be ever start to realize that online sessions like this one are worthwhile and should count toward our required training time. Oops, bias showing, blood pressure rising.

Back to spring fever: my grow lights are working wonders on my indoor herbs. The basil in particular is growing like crazy. Two of the basil plants want to go to flower and seed. Maybe I’d better cut those two back and make a pesto. I’m sure I’ll have enough basil to cook up with the dandelions when spring really arrives.

In the meantime, I’ll read and I’ll water my plants and I’ll dip into Girl Scout cookies as soon as they arrive.

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