Restlessness and Spring Fever – kinda

Entering Week 4 of my convalescence, I am restless. I have filled my time watching a lot of the Winter Olympics, reading books, and forcing myself to sit on the couch and rest. My yard sign for the local school referendum is buried in snow. I managed to bring in a few planting containers and tools, but the majority are out of reach behind yet another snowbank.

On my list:

  • Vote.
  1. School referendum
  2. Primary election for City Council to represent my ward
  • See Eye Doctor.
  1. Check left retina. Vision is nearly back to normal, I think. I hope.
  2. Check right retina. Now that I’ve have the left retina detach itself from its moorings, there’s a 3 in 4 chance the same will happen to the right. I sense floaters and a small blind spot on the right. Are these the same astigmatisms of old? Or is this a sign of more trouble to come? Maybe it’s a good thing I still have two weeks of sick leave ahead of me.

When those two tasks are done, I’m probably going to hit the couch for a nap – no urging needed.

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