>Spring Cleaning: the Medicine Cabinet

>It was on my list. Really. But my list gets so long sometimes, important jobs remain undone. When Chuck opened the cupboard to get his daily BP meds and three bottles and a box tumbled out and landed on the counter, we decided that cleaning the meds cabinet needed to rise to the top of the to-do.

If you think the “Before” picture above looks scary, check out the “During” picture. I pulled everything out — every single bottle, every single box, every inhaler, every little medicine measuring cup — and spread out the contents on the cupboard.

No, the coffee wasn’t in the cupboard. I needed it for strength. Really.
After combining half-full vitamin bottles, storing extras in an accessible place (two-for-one sales are only a bargain if we can keep track of what we already own), checking expiration dates, and throwing away junk like the 6 inch stack of med cups, I could organize and set up the categories. On the top shelf are over-the-counter (OTC) remedies for illnesses. I get a little OCD about OTC because when someone is sick, I do not (repeat, do NOT) want to be making a pharmacy run. We have a good stock of that which we need, and nothing unusable or out of date. They’re sorted in three small boxes: cold/ allergy, tummy troubles, and pain killer/fever reducer/ anti-inflammatories.

On the bottom are the prescriptions and everyday needs.
All extras (mainly from Buy-one Get-one deals) are behind the boxes on the top shelf. Extra prescriptions? We order most of our daily meds by mail through our insurance, so we get 3 months worth in one bottle. It really saves time and space.
Not bad, really. Most of this chore was sorting and organizing. Now if we can maintain it… now that will be the challenge!

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2 thoughts on “>Spring Cleaning: the Medicine Cabinet

  1. >I did this a year ago and was APPALLED at how much old crap we had up there. I keep 3 plastic bins labeled "First Aid" (band aids, rubbing alcohol, aloe, etc.) "Kid Drugs" (all kid versions of meds) and "Adult Drugs." Amazing how much that medicine cabinet can become a dump zone!

  2. >Here's to coffee that strength enabler!

    Don't know how many cabinets need cleaning around our house. Sometimes I don't want to know.

    Thanks for sharing,

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