photo from the Overpass Light Brigade

Life moves on even as we grieve. The Internet is full of commentary – some valid and valuable, some less so. I do my best to share the pieces that are relevant and written by those who are well informed.

I don’t like the rumors. I don’t repeat them – unless I feel an absolute need to refute them.

I’ll wear green and white, Sandy Hook Elementary’s school colors, even though the symbolism does nothing. Sometimes, symbolism is all we have, and it’s all we can do to show we care.

Death is sobering. Death from unspeakable, unthinkable violence is – incomprehensible.

Let’s remember the victims, all of them innocent and undeserving of being killed. And then, let’s work to identify, treat, and counsel those at risk of harming others – so there will be no more victims of senseless tragedy like this.


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