>Shoulds are bogus — again

>The “should”, the reality, and the end result

I had a half day of school today, so I should have gotten some housework done.
The reality: I came home, turned the self-cleaning oven to “Clean”, and took a nap. A long nap.
The end result: My oven is clean, and I feel well-rested. Not bad, really.

I should have cooked a decent supper.
The reality: I napped much of the afternoon and my oven was in its “Clean” cycle.
The end result: Amigo and I met Husband at a diner halfway between his workplace and home. Mmm…Friday night fish fry.

I should be gathering some professional reading for our upcoming grant meeting.
The reality: I surfed Amazon for gardening materials and family-oriented books.
The end result: I ordered Unstrange Minds by Roy Richard Grinker, an autism parent and anthropologist, and Let it Rot, a composting guide in its third edition. Hey, spring is coming! I can smell it!

I should have started laundry tonight, since I’ll be gone all day tomorrow judging another music festival.
The reality: I didn’t start laundry. I napped and then took Amigo to meet Husband for supper.
The end result: I’ll do it Saturday night or Sunday. If I’m really lucky, the family might start it tomorrow while I’m gone. Don’t laugh so hard; sometimes they do!

I should go to bed early, since I have to get up early tomorrow and drive to my festival. I have to be there by 7:30.
The reality: I napped most of the afternoon.
The end result: I’m hanging out online, having fun reading blogs and updating my own. I’ll be plenty relaxed when I do go to bed. I’ll sleep well.

All in all, “Shoulds” are bogus, but all in all, it was a good day.

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2 thoughts on “>Shoulds are bogus — again

  1. >The oven’s clean, the family’s fed, and somehow laundry always gets done (Laundry fairies I assume, being a guy).

    Sounds like a very successful day.

    For my part, several hundred miles almost due south of you, spring has arrived. I’m sitting in the backyard in a t-shirt (does it get any better than blogging from the backyard?). Birds are singing, flowers and trees are blooming, and I’m alternating sports skills practice with Buddy Boy and Sweet Pea (throwing a softball and long jumping-these are events that his class will participate in in Special Olympics) with letting both them (and me) have some free time. Life is good!

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