>School Supplies and More

>My to-do list is long. Longer than I like to admit. I’ll list a few items, and then I’ll feel so proud as I cross off each one. That’s the real reason for making a list, isn’t it? Just to cross things off?

To get ready for school:
Read through new Reading curriculum.
Sign up for training in new social studies curriculum kits.
Read through new science units.
Buy workshop materials for Reading and Writing workshops.
Read new math curriculum.
Find articles on CGI math.
Read new Writers Workshop materials.

Prepare new classroom. (Oh, my, this is going to take DAYS)

Get a key to the new room.
Unpack boxes.
Organize teacher manuals.
Organize desk.
Organize book nook – reading corner.

Maintain sanity by doing as much of this as possible either outside or with classroom windows wide open and coffee (hot or iced) on desk.

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5 thoughts on “>School Supplies and More

  1. >Five new curriculums and a new classroom??? Did you switch schools or do you just have incredibly demanding administrators? You are handling all that much better than I would be!

  2. >Yes to all. I am moving to a new grade in a different school building. The workload has been growing steadily in our district; we’re doing our best to keep up. I do my best by prioritizing and organizing. Blogging keeps me sane, too!

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