>Random thoughts on watching Senator Clinton’s announcment

>I couldn’t stand Wolf Blitzer’s condescension any longer, so I left CNN for Fox News.
Is it silly that I set my Hillary campaign purse in a prominent place? I’m proud of it, proud of her. She is and will remain an amazing woman, an idol of mine. I can only dream of having her strength, resiliency, and intelligence.
My Hillary ’08 campaign button is a keeper. The “novelty items”? I gave those away to a young liberal I call La Petite.
I found this op-ed piece while waiting restlessly for the rally to begin. New York Times columnist Gail Collins really gets it. She talks about how today’s feminists became accustomed to ridicule as a tool to put them down. She describes Hillary’s campaign as historic and wonders if Clinton’s exit will be treated with the respect it deserves, as Obama’s certainly would if he were in her shoes.
Collins’ conclusion resounded with me.

“For all her vaunting ambition, she was never a candidate who ran for president just because it’s the presidency. She thought about winning in terms of the things she could accomplish, and she never forgot the women’s issues she had championed all her life — repair of the social safety net, children’s rights, support for working mothers.”

I will always admire Hillary Clinton — not for her titles of First Lady or Senator or Presidential Candidate, but for all she’s accomplished. I truly believe she’s not finished accomplishing yet.

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2 thoughts on “>Random thoughts on watching Senator Clinton’s announcment

  1. >That’s my concern about Obama — that for him it’s more about being the president rather than what he can achieve as a result of being president. I hope I’m wrong.

  2. >You have to say one thing for Hillary..she has come a lot farther in the bid for presidency than other women, and she did a good job. I’ve never been a big fan of hers because I am against some of her ideas, but I’m glad that she was in the running and did as well as she does. My only hope is that the whoever ends up as president will actually get out there and start working on the “main” issues.

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