>random thoughts on a sick day

>Closed captioning can be fun. The errors in the live captioning can be entertaining.

Constant coughing is painful. Really painful. My chest aches. My ribs ache. My tummy muscles, weak as they are, ache.

An hour of CNN is a long time. Must change channels to avoid growing paranoia. I saw the report on Home Depot cutting jobs and panicked about La Petite’s summer position. Emailed her, turns out the local vendors are okay; they’re not laying off, just not hiring new.

Being out of school is a blessing and a curse. I’m not struggling to teach while I cough, but I am worrying about how my class is behaving and how much I’ll have to reteach on Wed.

Plugged up ears, sinuses, and the works lead to pressure and headaches. Leaving hearing aids out is a mixed shot; relieves pressure a little, but makes the world an auditory blur.

Vaporizer is still kicking out steam. Is that why I slept better this morning? Maybe I’ll move it into my bedroom tonight.

Can you believe Ellen Degeneres is 51? She looks so good!

Books for La Petite ordered from Amazon. I’m sad that my local bookstore didn’t have them; I really like to buy locally whenever I can.

Last night was almost comical. Husband took the time to turn on his new surround sound system for a favorite show, then fell asleep, snoring loudly on the couch. I was coughing in my nearby rocking chair, trying not to laugh because it made me cough more. Too funny.

I’m recovering, slowly but surely. Still need rest, still need fluids. I’ll pack a big water bottle in my lunch and cough drops in my schoolbag.

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