Questions, I have travel questions

  • Does my Kindle actually turn off? Not just sleep?
  • Can I read my Kindle on an airplane?
  • How will Amigo’s white cane go through TSA? Last time he flew the security folks were thoroughly dismayed because they had no idea how to handle a blind traveler’s white cane.
  • Should I bring snacks in an attempt to avoid high prices at airports?
  • Should we visit the Mall of America or run, as fast as possible, in the opposite direction?
  • Are there any bloggers in the Twin Cities and/or Denver who would like to have a meet-up? I have two days in each locale.
  • How much money is left on my Starbucks card?
  • When will Amigo stop saying “I don’t know” to every single question I ask? Never mind.
  • Will I escape the deluge of campaign commercials by going to another state? No, don’t answer that. I didn’t think so.
  • Should I reserve hotels near the destinations or near the airports?
  • Will my asthmatic lungs adjust to Denver’s mile high altitude?
  • How about a mile high attitude? No, don’t answer that one, either.


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One thought on “Questions, I have travel questions

  1. We were in Denver ten years ago, also in the aftermath of fires, and came out in the morning to find our car covered with ash. Breathing was a little difficult for me, but not too bad. Have an inhaler handy; the air quality is not so good from the recent fires. To avoid wheezing, take it slow and easy, don’t try to rush or walk fast!

    My preference is hotel near destination, but since you may be too far in either place to have airport shuttles, it might make more sense for the hotel near the airport, so at least that part of the trip will be easier at beginning and end.

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