Lessons learned from trees and Chinese food

The decision was simple: after a rather lengthy meeting of the Public Works committee, yet another emotion-packed set of speeches dividing the neighborhood into tree-huggers and tree-lovers-not, Chuck and I decided on our default plan for supper. We drove to our favorite Chinese restaurant and ordered take-out.

We relaxed a little, nibbled on crab rangoon and sipped our wine while we waited for our order. We shared our story with Charlie, the perpetually friendly restaurant owner and bartender: Trees, no trees, small trees, big trees, red trees, blue trees, any kind of tree. Charlie told us that in Chinese culture, trees do not belong close to a house. Trees and even shrubs interfere with the natural flow of Qi, or life force energy. Charlie said that when he looks at houses, he won’t buy one with a big tree or even with shrubs and bushes clustered around the house. That gave us another whole new perspective on the issue: a big tree close to the house was not just a set of roots destroying the pipes, but an interfering factor in the life force as well.

Then our food was ready, so I swallowed the rest of my wine and we headed home.

The cookie fortunes? I’m glad you asked! Here they are:

Wise men make more opportunities than they find.

Many receive advice; only the wise profit by it. 

I think I’ll ponder the meaning of these – later. The last City Council meeting is tonight.

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