Purging and Decluttering continues

Spell checker doesn’t recognize Decluttering as a word. Get used to it, WordPress, it’s going to be a regular term around here.

I managed to get rid of two boxes of miscellaneous, as the thrift stores call it. Two boxes out of the way! That’s a good start. Then we attacked La Petite’s room. It’s going to become a guest room slash office – mainly an office for me. When I approach a project and consider blogging the process, I almost always forget the “before” pictures. This time I have “before” photos, but we haven’t reached the “after” stage yet. Observe – if you dare.

trashy card table pretending it’s a nightstand

The View of the Floor

Buttercup loved playing with (and chewing on) the large boxes we’d stashed in here. Upon the onset of Operation Office, we discovered that she had also shredded large pieces of styrofoam packaging material. Clean-up, shall we say, was not fun.

These, then, are the “before” pictures. “After” might be a while. Right now, the card table is just a stashing place for all things awaiting La Petite. The bed has been moved to a different space, and two of Amigo’s bean bag chairs have made their way in to live on the rug. I suppose this is the “during” stage.

Readers, if we ever reach the finished product, I’ll take pictures. Really.

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3 thoughts on “Purging and Decluttering continues

  1. I’m sure you will finish the chore in your own good time. No rush; the decluttering will be a continual motivation as it looks better and better, and you’ll be happy to move things out and away.

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