Prepping for surgery

It’s not always what it seems. I followed the doctor’s advice, drank lots of liquids, rested, etc. But in addition, I prepared myself for a six week (possibly) leave of absence to recover.

  • Load the Kindle with reading material.
  • Order a few books from Paperback Swap.
  • Train a substitute teacher – no easy feat in an online school.
  • Prepare all the files the online teacher might need. Store them on a jump drive for her.
  • Buy new pajama pants.
  • Stock up on lip balm and lotion.
  • Renew any meds now – to avoid making extra trips out of the house later.
  • Grind coffee beans!
  • Create a place to rest and hang out. Daybed? Bedroom recliner? Couch?
  • Set up blog posts so my dedicated readers won’t get lonely.

How’s that? Did I miss anything? If I did, it’s too late – unless I put Chuck to work.

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