>Perspective, it’s all in your perspective

>La Petite had a chance to hear Obama speak earlier this summer. She brought her camera, of course, and filled the memory card. But she didn’t just fill it with Obama. She was, as always, keenly observant of the scene around her, including the regular, ordinary people.

Little girl realizes she’s sitting near the governor.

The young “future voter” may be the focus of this picture, but look closely. All ages are represented in the crowd.

Politics? Fascinating – if you get the picture.

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3 thoughts on “>Perspective, it’s all in your perspective

  1. >Methinks La Petite should get a job with the Post Crescent–the real story is in those pictures she took!

  2. >It’s good that so many young people are interested in politics – I give full credit to Obama for that. My son – 19 – is eager to vote in his first Presidential election because of him.

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