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>Amigo has a new laundry bag, and he’s excited. Yes, you read that correctly. He is off to live in a dorm, and he has a new laundry bag, and it has his name on it. Literally. It’s big, roomy, and solid, and he’ll fill it with his (stinky) dirty clothes that he’ll probably bring home on weekends. Well, we won’t talk about that part.

The laundry bag came from Jasmine at Dakota’s Personalized Gifts. She asked if I would look over her site, review a product, and then post a giveaway on my blog. The product (see it on the site here, in the category of graduation gifts) is a winner. She also offers satisfaction guaranteed, described on the site as “The dog ate it” policy.

Dakota’s Personalized Gifts and The Anniversary Rose Gifts started in a spare bedroom about 5 years ago more as a part time hobby than a business with The Anniversary Rose making roses for the traditional anniversary gifts (i.e. 1st year paper, 2nd year cotton, 5th year wood etc) cutting rose petals by hand with scissors. It quickly grew from a part time hobby to a full time business, adding help and equipment to keep up. Then they started expanding into personalized anniversary gifts and started getting many requests from our customers for personalized wedding, Mother’s & Father’s Day and Christmas gifts etc. That’s when Dakota’s Personalized Gifts began. Soon the business took over a second bedroom and the garage. The following year it grew further, occupying two bedrooms, the garage & a full basement. With no room left to expand, the business moved into a commercial location in 2009. Dakota’s Personalized Gifts and The Anniversary Rose Gifts continue to expand with new products and updated equipment all the time in order to produce most of the personalized items in house.

As you’re browsing, use these discount codes. These two expire at the end of August.
code 10-AUG31 offers $10 off $50 purchase
code 15-AUG31 offers $15 off $75 purchase

Jasmine sent me a complimentary laundry bag (for Amigo) in order to review the quality of the products. I took the time to review her sites thoroughly before completing the post. There was no other compensation involved. So what are you waiting for: go shop!

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