>On watching too much television

>Random thoughts, in no particular order, while sipping strong coffee and watching the snow fall

On watching The Weather Channel: Looks like we’ll get steady snow, as expected, and those east of the lake will get more. Okay with me; I enjoy winter, but I have family on the road today. I want them to reach their destinations safely.

On watching CNN: I remember reading about Benazir Bhutto many, many years ago in my first subscription to Ms. Magazine. She was an incredibly strong woman. I was impressed by her then, and I’m saddened by her assassination now.

On more Weather Channel: The Southeastern U.S. is finally getting a little rain. I hope they get a significant amount, but not so much that they get floods. Dry/ drought-ridden land doesn’t absorb sudden deluges very well.

On watching CNN: Pakistan elected a female prime minister decades ago. Granted, she had corruption within her administration, eventually ended up in exile, and more, but really…. How is it that our own progressive country still thinks gender is an issue for a presidential candidate?

On catching a bit of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood: Hey, this is refreshing. Snore…get me more coffee…maybe I should go outside and shovel….

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  1. >Daisy, I’ve tagged you for the 7 unusual things about yourself meme. I hope you have time to answer. 🙂 The rules are at my blog.

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